Thursday, 2 November 2017

Water by Mike Graf

 Walt: Sequence the movement of water.

After reading the book Water by Mike Graf with my reading group, we have learnt lots about the cycle of freshwater.

Sunday, 22 October 2017



Mcdonald’s is the best fast food place ever. ( “Intro” )
Walking in Mcdonald's you can sometimes see a huge crowd of  people waiting in line to order the mouth-watering food that awaits them.  (“Sight”)
The smell of burgers and fries fills the fresh air as I glance at the blistering food (“Smell”)
On the table sat my appetizing burger, as i touched the top bun it felt like I was touching a little toddlers cheek  (“Feel”)
The sound of people chattering and children yelling fills my ears as  I try cover my ears. (“Sound”)
I observed while other people chat with their friends and other people texting on their phones the while I wait.(“Observe”)
Can any other fast food place compete with them?.... I don’t think so.

(“Wrap it up”)

Poetry writing

Poem Writing  

Walking through the crystal lake,
My stomach rumbles I keep thinking of steak.

I’m all alone,
As I try comfort myself by singing a delightful tone.

Trying to find shelter to keep warm,
So I would not get harmed by any other animals like me..

Globalisation movies

Monday, 16 October 2017

New Zealand Chinese Language Week

Why do we need it                                           
Part of the reason for Chinese language week is to strengthen the relationship between China and New Zealand.  It helps New Zealanders become more familiar
with Chinese and their Culture

What will the week involve?
During Chinese Language week programmes and local events take place to build the knowledge of the Chinese culture, such as Chinese cultural performances, art exhibitions, language lessons on public broadcasters, language seminars, library corners, essay competitions and training courses.

When did it start?
New Zealand Chinese Language week was officially launched by Raymond Huo as a Member of Parliament on 24 May 2014 at the National Conference of the New Zealand China Friendship Society.

5 Days 5 Phrases Challenge

Dawn - There is no Chinese language week in China but we can pass out  red packets filled with money to family members.
Anthony - My Family and I feast on traditional food.
Haoran - We usually have a huge feast to Celebrate.

Ways We Think Chinese Language Week Can be Celebrated

  1. Eat their traditional food
  2. Practice the Language
  3. Join programmes and events
  4. Try to expand your knowledge on the Chinese culture
  5. Participate and make you're own performance to celebrate the culture, you could try 舞龙 (Wǔ lóng) (Dragon Dance)

                                                By Fiona and Skye

The Giant icy kingdom

Columns of ice rise tremendously over the blanket frigid water. Chunks of ice stand above the vast columns, threatening to plummet at any moment. There was no longer any colour just white a blank page. Shards of shimmering ice look out at the bitter water surveying the icy kingdom.